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Digital Bussiness process Management

Our Business Process Management (BPM) solution helps industries embrace change by improving operational productivity, time-to-market and compliance. After developing and deploying composite process applications using a BPM suite, our organization is better equipped to respond to business change. Our BPM technology services enable you to achieve optimal results from your BPM initiatives. Our dedicated technology team works on analyzing processes, understanding BPM strategy and roadmap, and enabling extensive collaboration with key organizational stakeholders to identify and implement the best fit for your specific line of business. Our BPM technology services include BPM implementation, production support & maintenance, software quality assurance, legacy system rewrite, and upgrade and migration.

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Construction ERP

Project Cost Management (PCM) able to track from estimation, budgeting, Project Costing and Gross P&L by project.

eTimeSheet (Mobile Attendance) to replace the manual worker time card linked to OT Calculation in Payroll

Worker time sheet can be tracked by projects for cost monitoring.

Complete PAYROLL System supports itemised Payslip, Leave, Loan & Claims

Attendance from eTimeSheet (Mobile Attendance) or import from Bio-Metrix or excel

OT Templates for custom OT types and OT Calculation in Payroll

CPF File generation, Bank File & IRAS Auto Inclusion

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Smart eValet (Valet Parking)

Valet Parking is help the guests who wants to hassle free from parking their vehicles. Guests vehicles will be received from the designated valet parking location and park their vehicles in the parking bay area. Guest will be received their valet parking ticket during hand over the vehicle to the Valet Parking Attender (VPA). Vehicle key will be handed over to the key controller who will be sitting in the parking area to manage the vehicle delivery.

Whenever the guest required their vehicle back from the valet parking, they can approach the vehicle receiving area to request their vehicle using the parking ticket. VPA will assist the guest to request the vehicle from the key controller and then they will assign the VPA to deliver the vehicle back to the guest. Guest will receive the vehicle and leave from the desired location.

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If you envisage your mobile application as your office, then it’s time you start considering app bots as your office assistants. Think of a layer above the complex workflows that disrupts all hierarchical flows and gives you what is important to you —introducing you to the mobile app bot. A mobile app bot can interface with you via voice, chat, gesture or simply by observing your behavior pattern. Looking beyond 2017, mobile app bots will be the norm of user experience that will compel enterprises to adopt this emerging trend.

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